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African-centered Child Care Center

Founded in 2001, Watoto Development Center (WDC) is our African-centered childcare center for children 6 months-6 years. We provide healthy breakfast, snacks, and lunch for our Watoto (Kiswahili for children). Our childcare center teaches:

  • African culture, history, and legacy

  • Introductory Spanish, Kiswahili, Medu Neter (MDW NTR), & Sign Language

  • Shapes, Colors, and Numbers

  • Meditation

  • Kemetic Yoga

  • African Drumming

  • Math

  • Reading & Writing

  • Science

  • 42 Laws of Maat

  • Group Affirmations for Confidence and Unity


Our Black educators are vetted and selected through their commitment to study and quality of their character. We do not have a high employee turnover rate, which helps to provide stability for the child to build bonds.

​4017 West Rogers Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21215

Open Monday-Friday


For more information on our center or to schedule enrollment:

Contact Nikiwe Fatiu (410)-585-5867 or email

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