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Independent, African-centered school in Baltimore City

Kimoyo Shule Africana, LLC is an African-centered weekend Educational Institution designed to enhance your child's educational experience. We complement and supplement your child’s schooling, by engaging your child in a vibrant and dynamic educational environment to cultivate and amplify his or her learning aptitude. African History & African Culture is at the core of our educational philosophy. 


We believe African-centered education must teach African Students how to wield power in the best interest of themselves and African people. Our school was purposefully established within the city to serve as a pillar for wholistic education, cultural awareness, and nation building.


Kimoyo Shule is a community-based educational component of Urban Youth Initiative Project (UYIP), a 501 c3 non-profit organization located in Baltimore City. Our curriculum will teach the following:


Language Arts, Reading, & Writing

English, Swahili, Spanish, Twi, Arabic, Medu Neter


Exposing our youth to common languages in the Americas, and indigenous African languages, gives them access to the rich culture behind the languages. Kimoyo Shule has a rigorous and challenging language arts program that will broaden the potential in each scholars comprehension and critical thinking.


Mathematics, Science, & Technology

Scholars will master the number, number value, patterns, counting, entrepreneurial skills, money values and more. Kimoyo Shule believes that science and technology is life. Our scholars learn through hands on experiments. Our science and technology curriculum will cover anatomy, botany, insect and animal knowledge, cosmology, and basics of engineering.


African History, Culture, & Character Development

We will cultivate our scholars' Iwa Pele (West African Yoruba term for gentle character), and teach them about the conduct, customs, traditions, rituals, and values, that are unique to African people. From antiquity to present-day, we will learn about African ancient empires and dynasties, our ancestors, and our modern day Supreme Heroes & Supreme Sheroes. We will place a strong emphasis on studying African culture in the diaspora. To create a strong foundation for our Scholars, we focus on Knowledge of Self.


Health, Nutrition, & Agriculture

Our Scholars become attuned with the earth through gardening. We’ll learn about seasons, cycles, sun movement, biology, elements of nutrition, and explore the variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Through classes and our lunch, we nurture our Scholars to understand food as medicine.


UYIP Programs/Extra-Curricular Activities

From trips to museums, farms, and historical landmarks, our scholars will learn while exploring. We will have guest presentations from artists, scientists, healers, community leaders, and more, to learn from their experiences and knowledge. We will also offer activities such as African drumming & dance, strength and conditioning training, self defense, yoga, cooking, knitting, chess, and, more. 

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