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Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement


Pan-African Solidarity Is The Key To Pan-Afrikan Empowerment


We believe that for Black people to control the destiny of what they build, they must finance it themselves. We also believe that we have what we need—the human creativity, power, and capital—to succeed. We are grateful for your interest to donate to our efforts.


For over 20 years, we have been grassroots and community-funded. When each of us see the value and take a personal responsibility, we can empower Black organizations for progress. 


We are currently fundraising to build Sankofa Institute of Enhance Learning (SIEL), an up and coming independent African-centered school in Baltimore City for children ages 6-10. At this institution, we will teach students how to wield power in the best interest of themselves and African people through African-centered education. Your donation can help us to open our doors to African American youth sooner.


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