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Founded in 1995 by Baba Imhotep Asis Fatiu, the Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement (PLM) is a Pan-African, revolutionary, vanguard organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. We are a dedicated collective of Blacks striving toward a common objective: African sovereignty. From daycares, schools, and vegan restaurants - we are establishing African-centered institutions to heal, inspire, and transform Black people.


Our purpose is to struggle in service of the Pan-African community. We are setting the ground work for future generations to continue in the ultimate liberation of African people in the diaspora and on the continent. 

About Baba Imhotep Fatiu

Born and raised in Baltimore, Baba Imhotep Fatiu is a community leader, author, teacher, and Urban Philosopher. From public lectures, community initiatives, and revolutionary writings, he has been committed to the progression of African people for over 25 years. He currently facilitates the 2nd level of the African Awareness and Critical Thinking Study Class (AACTS) held weekly in Baltimore.


He has published four books to date: Urban Philosophy: Thought and Behavior System (Red Book), Urban Philosophy: Politics of Urban Struggle (Black Book), Urban Philosophy: New African Revolutionary Vanguard (Green Book), and African Manhood In The 21st Century.  He lives in Baltimore with his wife, Mama Ife Fatiu, and their two watoto (children). 


Point 1 & 2

  • To promote Pan African unity

  • To establish economic empowerment

Point 3 & 4

  • To establish African-centered educational institutions

  • To establish holistic healthcare/preventative care institutions

Point 5 & 6

  • To combat White supremacy

  • To combat injustice

Point 7 & 8

  • To fight for self determination

  • To fight for nationhood

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