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Asante (Kiswahili for thank you) for your interest in getting involved with PLM! We are always actively looking for new people to bring fresh ideas, energy, and perspective. We offer a nurturing community, elder guidance, relationship counseling, and more for our supporters and members. Our organization welcomes people like you!


Have you been looking for a committed group of like-minded Black people? Do you recognize that our problems have to be solved collectively? Have you been desiring a sisterhood, brotherhood, elders, and an authentic community that you can build with, love, and trust? 

Here are the best three ways to get involved with our organization. 

Per Ankh☥ Learning Space

Our weekly study class where we don't just teach; we engage and cultivate clarity of mind and foster exceptional African-centered character, shaping participants into exemplars of African/Black high culture.

Attend Our Public Events

From Kwanzaa celebrations to invigorating lectures, we host a variety of public events throughout the year where you can attend or volunteer. Check our event calendar for upcoming events.

Stay Connected

Subscribe to our newsletter below and follow us on social media to receive updates about our initiatives, events, and more.

Instagram: @plmbaltimore

Facebook: Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement 

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