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Per Ankh☥ Learning Space

where consciousness expands consciousness

Embark on a transformative journey with Per Ankh Learning Space, where growth, development, and expansion are not just ideals, but a practical reality. Here, participants immerse themselves in a rigorous environment that demands excellence by harnessing a systematic process of study, dialogue, and lecturing. At Per Ankh, we don't just teach; we engage and cultivate clarity of mind and foster exceptional African-centered character, shaping participants into exemplars of African/Black excellence. With a steadfast focus on African History, African Culture, and the overall Black Historical Experience, our learning space is a refuge for those seeking to deeply understand and live by Njia Yetu—Our Way. This is more than education; it's a path to re-centering oneself within the profound richness of African heritage.


At Per Ankh Learning Space, mediocrity finds no shelter. We uphold a no-nonsense ethos where sincerity, discipline, and commitment are the pillars that support every learner's journey towards self-knowledge and perfectibility. Specifically crafted for the sincere at heart, our institution is a sanctuary for those ready to engage fully with our rigorous curriculum designed to awaken Black Consciousness and cultural centeredness. If you are prepared to rise above the ordinary and commit to cultivating not only your intellect but also your spirit within the African Way, Per Ankh Learning Space invites you to join a community where transformation is not only possible but expected. Dive into a world where you can achieve excellence in thought, speech, and action, all while being grounded in a powerful Ourstorical and cultural context.

Facilitated by the Fatiu Family
Resuming June 2024

Becoming a member of Per-Ankh is a simple process.

  1. complete our intake form, 

  2. complete our interview process

  3. attend classes regularly,

  4. pay the monthly dues of $40 (accepting cash, cash app, zelle, or card with additional 3.5% transaction fee)


We care about the growth of the people that join our class. To help you grow, we strive to understand more about your current journey. We hold an ongoing online intake process for those interested in joining our study class. The orientation is held by a member of PLM where we introduce you to the detailed structure and purpose of the class.


Also, we try to understand how our facilitators can best assist in your development. What do you currently understand? What are you eager to learn more about? Don’t worry, there is no pressure and no right or wrong answers. We just want to know more about your background and how you’re currently seeing the world. 


To start the intake process, sign up below. We will email you with the next steps regarding your interview.



If you have questions about Per-Ankh, feel free to call Minister Tamiim at 410-656-9604

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