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The Pan-African Liberation Movement (PLM) is guided by Urban Philosophy. It is a philosophy developed by Baba Imhotep Fatiu.


Urban Philosophy is designed to enhance and refine the thought process of African people. To add a new dynamic to human thought and reasoning. It is a philosophy that seeks to foster liberation thinking among African people. African Sovereignty is the ultimate vision for Blacks worldwide to have a nation whose culture and destiny is controlled by African people.


Our philosophy is detailed in his three-book installment series.

The Red Book

Urban Philosophy: Thought & Behavior System

Many Africans are bound by what Dr. Asa Hilliard labeled “conceptual incarceration."


They are locked and confined within Euro-Asian concepts, ideas, ideologies, systems, philosophies, and institutions. None of which are truly suited for the African mind. This is not to imply that African people cannot benefit from Euro-Asian concepts, ideas, ideologies, systems, philosophies, and institutions because African people can.  


However, none of these were designed and developed for the benefit of African people, meaning, none were created to advance the interest of African people. Therefore, African people must break free of the mental chains, intellectual shackles, and psychological straightjackets of foreigners; thereby, escaping from the system of “conceptual incarceration.” This can only be done by transforming the existing thought process of African people, which Urban Philosophy seeks to achieve.

The Black Book

Urban Philosophy: Politics of Urban Struggle

Politics of UrBan Struggle elaborates upon critical aspects of UrBan Organizing. The idea is to explain UrBan Organizing in explicit details, so as to clarify what’s necessary and required within this field of activity. One cannot execute the Pan-African Liberation Struggle if he or she does not understand the fundamentals of how to do this type of work (all of your efforts will be to no avail).


UrBan Organizing is a discipline and like all other disciplines it requires training and know how to perform it well. This is what makes Politics of UrBan Struggle so vital: it seeks to explain and outline (in detail) some of the crucial aspects of UrBan Organizing.

The Green Book

Urban Philosophy: New African Revolutionary Vanguard

New African Revolutionary VanGuard is a revolutionary handbook for UrBan Struggle. It outlines how to proceed. It speaks to a standard. As a handbook, it’s clear and straight to the point: revolutionary professionalism.


The entire book is geared towards developing professional revolutionaries by providing the reader with enough revolution instructions, principles, insights and prescription necessary to assist him or her in the process of revolutionary development.

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