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A Warrior's Love by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

A Warrior's Love by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

There are those who say that our righteous rage emotionally binds and inhibits us, that it keeps us from openly being loving reflections of our Ancestors. However, this is far, far from the truth. If anything, it frees Warriors to embrace ways of remembrance, remembrance of who we are and how we love, that others cannot even begin to imagine. In fact, because we are not constrained by the demonic romantic, materialistic falsities manufactured and fostered by this reality, we are empowered to be even more loving of ourselves, those closest to us and the entirety of Afrikan people, than those who have escaped responsibility by hiding in a vacuous, individualized, purely pleasure-seeking oblivion. Our righteous rage cannot help but magnify the depth to which we can appreciate significant others because of the immeasurable value we come to place on our time here. Of these “significant others,” none are more significant than our complements. None love us better, more intensely or with deeper understanding. This collection of thoughts is in honor of the incomparable love Warrior Complements share. Appropriately, Baruti's complement, Yaa Mawusi, is the inspiration for the book, and our 25th Anniversary in 2010 was the impetus for my writing this book.


by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

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