7 Steps to Black ReEmergence by Jerome Johnson

7 Steps Toward Black Re-Emergence not only envisages a world where Black people are independent, sovereign and powerful – it identifies concrete initiatives for meeting those objectives. These seven initiatives range from countering the destructive effects of today’s media on the minds (and hearts) of Black children, to reassessing our view of religion and spirituality in a way that strengthens the race in real, tangible ways. Other initiatives focus on encouraging the reader to rediscover their African “center” and to apply that worldview to the solve the kinds of problems that, today, seem irresolvable: a criminal/ judicial/prison system that targets, tracks and traps Black youth; a culture of useless, conspicuous consumption that only serves to enrich those outside of our group; or an unhealthy dependence on companies owned by others (or controlled by the government) to assure our survival. Seven Steps Toward Black Re-emergence is a “must-read” for anyone committed to seeing Black people get out of this “mess” we have been mired in for the last five centuries. It is written in the spirit of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey who told us, “Up! Up! You mighty race! You can accomplish what you will!”