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When was the organization founded?

The Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement was founded by Baba Imhotep Fatiu in 1995.


How do I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to attend our weekly study class. You can learn more about study class, here. You can also get involved by attending or volunteering at our public events or a further step is joining one of our organizational committees. For more details on this topic, visit our How To Get Involved page, here.


How do I become a member of PLM?

The first step to becoming a member of PLM is to consistently attend study class. This demonstrates your level of sincerity to your growth and development. That is the beginning stage.


Is this a religious or civil rights organization?


What is the significance of study to this work?

Revolutionary work requires clarity. You must understand history in order to organize in the present. Study helps to nurture clarity.


What does African-Centered mean?

Our definition of African-centered is in Urban Philosophy: Politics of Urban Struggle (Black Book) by Baba Imhotep Fatiu. You can attain the book, here.


What does the term “Hotep” mean?

The term Hotep is an ancient Kemetic (Egypt) term that means “peace" and it is often used as a greeting among our community members. 


How do we define “Pan-African”, “Revolutionary”, and “Vanguard”?

Our definitions of these terms can be found in Urban Philosophy: New African Revolutionary Vanguard (Green Book) by Baba Imhotep Fatiu.  You can attain the book, here.

I am interested in changing my name. Does the community bestow names on members?

Yes, however, it is a process. We do offer our members the opportunity to receive an African name from the elders. This unique name is given based on our observation of your character.


What is Scientific Pan-Africanism?

Scientific Pan-Africanism is explained in Urban Philosophy: Thought and Behavior System (Red Book) by Baba Imhotep Fatiu. You can attain the book, here.


What does it mean when someone says we have to do the work?

The ancestors that came before us left a legacy of Pan-Africanism that we must continue on. The system of white supremacy is oppressive, and for Black people to have a better condition in the future, we must work to achieve that. The work consists of cleansing ourselves of foreign ideas, thoughts, and behaviors that we received from our oppressors. The work is restoring our Njia Yetu (Our Way) and working together to build power.

Have more questions?

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