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Public Study Class

AACTS is a weekly study class to discuss and discover the truth about African history and culture. Whether it is the 25 dynasties of Kemet (Egypt) or the African revolutions in the Caribbean, this class introduces us to the rich history of Black people through a series of acclaimed books and open discussions. 


Traveling from East Africa to West Africa to Asia to the Caribbean Islands, and finally to the Americas, our books tell the stories of great African nations, leaders, revolutions, and institutions across the world. We travel back in time to understand the history of our ancestors to energize our struggle today.


Our purpose is to re-Africanize people of African descent. Through discussion, we enhance our understanding of African people’s worldview, Njia Yetu (Kiswahili for “Our Way”). The class is a place to assist in the educational, cultural, spiritual, psychological, social, and character development of African people in North America.

Facilitated by Baba Imhotep Fatiu
Co-facilitated by Baba Adisa Fatiu
Resuming 2024

Attend Orientation (Held Semi-Annual)

We care about the growth of the people that join our class. To help you grow, we strive to understand more about your current journey. We hold a semi-annual online orientation for those interested in joining our study class. The orientation is held by a member of PLM where we introduce you to the detailed structure and purpose of the class.


Also, we try to understand how our facilitators can best assist in your development too — what do you currently understand? What are you eager to learn more about? Don’t worry — there’s no serious pressure, no right or wrong answers here — we just want to know more about your background and how you’re currently seeing the world. 


To attend the next monthly orientation, sign up below. You will be sent a Zoom link before orientation begins.


The next AACTS/PLM Orientation is Spring 2024 


UrBan Philosophy
Current Study 

Resuming Spring 2024!

Due to the COVID pandemic, our AACTS study class underwent a re-organization. We will re-emerge in 2024 with an exciting new platform which still underscores the best of the PLM approach to study & practice. 



Becoming a member of AACTS is the first step to becoming an official PLM member. To become a member of AACTS, you should attend classes regularly, complete the orientation and pay monthly dues of $25.


Note: AACTS is free and open to the public. Dues are only for those that wish to take it a step further, and begin the process of becoming an official member of the organization.


If you have questions about AACTS, feel free to call Minister Tamiim at (DE area code)-897-2568

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