Facilitated by Baba Imhotep Fatiu
Co-facilitated by Mama Harmonie Davis
Sundays, 4pm-7pm

Current Study 
AFRICAN GLORY: The Story Of Vanished Negro Civilizations, by J.C. DeGraft-Johnson

African Glory was first published in 1954, a time when few books on African history were written from an African perspective. In this sense, African Glory provided a bold alternative. Written as an intimate history of Africa and its ancient civilizations, the book opposed the stereotyped and often racist histories of Africa. These his-stories were seldom more than histories of European intrusion and colonization of the Mother Continent.

Born in Ghana (formerly known as the Gold Coast), Dr. J.C. deGraft-Johnson was fully qualifies to write this alternative history. He obtained his advance education in Great Britain receiving a Ph.D. degree in Economics from Ediburgh University. At the same time, he was thoroughly familiar with the culture and history of his motherland, having received his early education in West African schools. 


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