PLM's SOKO is our unique twist on the Afrikan marketplace, where we foster economic self-sufficiency.
Our Soko is not an event.  It’s an economic endeavor: a socio-economic institution that serves as a place of business transactions and a space of social interaction to facilitate economic empowerment. It affords like-minded businesses, organizations and individuals an opportunity to congregate, to conduct business and socialize.

There are three fundamental features of our Soko:

Cooperative economics
Healthy Socialization
Economic Transparency


We've halted our monthly Soko to 
focus on other areas of development

See you 2019!

Our concept is simple: we are asking African people to save only
$20/ month to spend at our Soko.  This amounts to only $.66 cents / day (of course you can spend more than $20 which would be great!).  The idea is to create a place wherein African dollars can exchange hands among African people. It’s where African vendors can sell merchandise to African people, and African people can come to purchase merchandise from African vendors. All of our African vendors are small businesses, which African people need to support.  By supporting the vendors at the Soko you are supporting a growing economic institution. 

Our aspirations are to grow and expand the Soko to a shopping plaza; however, we need your continued support to this endevour. Come and see what goes on at our soko.


Pan-Afrikan Solidarity is the key to Pan-Afrikan Empowerment!