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P.A.D.S 2018!

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Pan-Afrikan Solidarity is the key to Pan-Afrikan Empowerment!

Our objectives:

1: To establish an effective networking and communication system within the Pan-African community (local, national and international);

2: To forge a system of operational unity amongst the progressive elements within the Pan-African community;   

3: To establish a Pan-African code-of-conduct and initiate a Pan-African system of accountability;

4: To enhance the promotion of Pan-African thought and practice;

5: To serve as a spring board from which to launch a progressive system of
Pan-African cooperative-economics;

6: To create a Pan-African Council to organize, over-see and provide a structural format,
​ for the various Pan-African groups;

7: To initiate a progressive and organized system of community control and revitalization;

8: To establish Pan-African studies classes and strengthen the existing ones;

9: To launch a systematic campaign to establish Pan-African-centered schools; and

10: To serve as a nexus and bridge between African Brothers and Sisters from the Mother Land and those of us in the Diaspora.

Following in the time-honored tradition of great Pan-Afrikanist such has H. Sylvester-Williams and W.E.B Du Bois, the Pan-Afrikan Day of Solidarity is a 2-day annual festival in Baltimore, MD; hosted by PLM to celebrate and cultivate the rich cultural expressions of Afrikan people around the world through workshops, films, live performances and social interaction.

Join us this year as we continue to create a vibrant

atmosphere for Black families to commune together,

have fun and demonstrate a show of solidarity and

pride for our rich cultural legacy. 

Through this annual festival, we raise the social

consciousness and enhance the political awareness of

African people.  We attract over 400 people, over 20

vendors with an assortment of products, and serve as

a hub for local talent. Each year, we feature workshops

throughout the festival dealing with an assortment of practical topics such as self-defense, herbs and wellness, healthy food preparation, natural birthing, African fitness, estate planning and much more.

We advocate networking with one another, promoting African unity and propagating Pan-Africanism. Use this day, our numerous workshops, vendors, and entertainers to rejuvenate, rejoice, re-direct, re-focus, re-connect, re-think and re-affirm your African personality to fulfill your purpose for the liberation of African people!