The African Awareness & Critical Thinking Study Class

To uncover and discover our true history and culture, develop critical thinking skills, enhance our morality and cultivate Pan-African thought and practice.   The African Awareness & Critical Thinking Study Class (AACTS) creates a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere conducive to the educational, cultural, spiritual, psychological and social development for all people of African descent.  We seek to re-Africanize people of African descent and create a productive communitarian bond. Emphasis is placed on study, critical thinking, analysis and synthesis of information from classical African scholars to African-antagonists. 

Since starting in 2007 we have established a social network based on African communal principles, infused with the Nguzo Saba.

Come be apart of this exciting, life-changing and community uplifting experience and realize your Sankofa journey!


          Baba Anani Kulu Fatiu: is the lead facilitator for the 2 pm - 4:30 pm study class held each Sunday at. This class is intended for those who are new to our study criteria and methodology. Affectionately known as "Baba Kulu"; he has been a member since 2008.

Current Book 


          Baba Imhotep: is the facilitator for the evening study class. This class is intended for those who are more familiar with our study criteria and methodology but it is open for all who are interested. This class references prior books for deeper analysis and synthesis of information geared towards historical clarity, African-centered thought and behavior modification.

* all books can/should be purchased from facilitators

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