The Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement (PLM)

PLM's mission is to establish an institute coordinated measures to engender a state of genuine working togetherness and cultivate a sense of preparedness and readiness, to operate in a specified manner, to achieve a common objective, and demonstrate a show of Pan-African solidarity. 

PLM's vision is the realization of Pan-African sovereignty! That is, the realization of the Pan-African community exercising their human right to be the architects of their social, economic and political fate and the masters of their own destiny.

PLM's 8 Point Political Agenda

is a Pan-African revolutionary vanguard organization. It's an organization that is, itself, a family and society; governed by its own uniquely adapted African traditions, rituals and protocols. We pay homage to African deities, revere African ancestors and adhere to African principles.

PLM's purpose is to militate (struggle) in the service of the Pan-African community; to forge a process conducive to the productive development and ultimate liberation of African people in the diaspora and on the continent.

PLM Institutions

Our Initiatives

  • To promote Pan African unity
  • To establish economic empowerment
  • To establish African-centered educational institutions
  • To establish holistic healthcare/preventative care institutions
  • To combat White supremacy
  • To combat injustice
  • To fight for self determination
  • To fight for nationhood

Pan-Afrikan Solidarity is the key to Pan-Afrikan Empowerment!