What is #LoveYourself?

You'll hear it in the streets of Baltimore "Love Yaself!", you'll see it on the shirts...

but what exactly is "Love Yourself"?

Love yourself is race first initiative developed by PLM to promote loving one-self, the community, and your race/cultural group.  Love is fundamental in easing community tension and reducing violence, which is the main goal of this community-wide promotion.

The initiative has 3 core principles:

  1. Know Yourself
  2. Understand Yourself
  3. Love Yourself

We recognize self-knowledge to be the basis for self-understanding and self-understanding is the path to self-love. We are responsible for the love (or lack thereof) in our community and we are calling for all residents or travelers within the community to support this initiative and help create an atmosphere of genuine communal love. When you hear or see "Love Yourself" this person is charged with the responsibility to love others as themselves; because the "self" is one with everything around them.